BIOVIA Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

25% productivity improvement, error reduction and easier reporting by moving from paper based lab notebooks to BIOVIA

BIOVIA Notebook

BIOVIA Notebook (formerly Contur ELN) and BIOVIA Notebook Cloud are flexible, multi-discipline, low-cost-of-ownership electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) that improve information sharing and reuse, data protection, process documentation and overall productivity. The Notebooks provide a high degree of flexibility and fast time to productivity while still meeting the requirements of small to mid-size companies and large global enterprises. Available for use on Mac or Windows desktops, BIOVIA Notebook is an on-premises, in-house installation.

BIOVIA Notebook includes integration and extensibility with the BIOVIA Lab Services and Pipeline Pilot, BIOVIA’s best-in-class protocol authoring and data analysis tool. This powerful combination enables integration of the BIOVIA Notebook with your own instruments and data sources and provides rich capabilities for scientific analytics, visualization, and automated report generation.

The BIOVIA Notebook browser user interface allows using the ELN from any device. It gives users the flexibility to bring their ELN into the lab without any compromises on functionality being able to enter he data where they are created supporting data quality and innovation.

Why BIOVIA Notebook?

  • Make the Paperless Lab Transition
    An ELN that’s easy to USE and DEPLOY for any discipline, any organization
  • Focus on the Science
    Replace paper notebooks and eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual searching and documentation
  • Flexible, Easy to Use and Deploy
    Deploy quickly and get teams up to speed and productive in weeks while gaining an electronic notebook that meets the demands of today’s global enterprise
  • Maximize your flexibility
    Use your ELN anywhere on any device – including tablets directly where the data are created
  • Collaborate Instantly
    Easily store, search and share all notebook entries from any location
  • Protect Your IP
    Digital signatures, experiment templates and work-flow alerts ensures maximum IP protection
  • Integration with Pipeline Pilot and BIOVIA Lab Services
    Easily customize and configure BIOVIA Notebook to workflows and applications

Key features:

Flexible experiment editor Record experiments quickly and easily. Work with text, images, documents, chemical structures, analytical data and more.

Experiment templates
Use experiment templates to ensure good documentation quality and accurate recording of all critical information.

Powerful search tool
The powerful free text search enables you to easily find experiments, entries, documents, and more.

E-signatures and IP protection
Maximum IP protection and regulatory compliance with a built-in e-signatures function. Includes workflow reminders to ensure that experiments are signed and countersigned in a timely manner.

Productivity features
Clone previous entries and have instant access to frequently used methods, protocols, result data sheets etc.

Notebook library
Keep your most valuable assets in one place. The library provides instant access to all the notebooks of past and current team members.

Synthetic Chemistry
Record chemical structures and reactions using your favorite chemical drawing tool (BIOVIA Draw, MarvinSketch, ChemDraw and ISIS Draw). Also provides seamless integration with your existing cheminformatics applications.

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