BIOVIA Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

25% productivity improvement, error reduction and easier reporting by moving from paper based lab notebooks to BIOVIA

BIOVIA Workbook

Connect scientists, information, software and instruments for transformational productivity and collaboration

The BIOVIA Workbook is an enterprise Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) designed to help multiple scientific disciplines transition from tedious paper and manual processes to a highly efficient and integrated electronic environment in non-GxP and GxP labs. More than a simple replacement for paper notebooks, the BIOVIA Workbook efficiently manages the flow of information, tasks and materials among scientists, software and instruments within and between labs—improving personal productivity, collaboration and collective intelligence. When combined with BIOVIA Lab Execution System (LES), the BIOVIA Workbook provides a unique and optimal environment for rapidly optimizing and validating methods and recipes for compliant quality operations.

Integration of advanced multi-dimensional spreadsheet capabilities enables scientists to efficiently capture, process, and present the data in the way they want. Built-in scientific calculations streamline the documentation process, drive data consistency and minimize transcription errors. The BIOVIA Workbook will capture structured and unstructured data (including chemical structures, biological sequences, images, as well as numeric and text data) as well as meta data providing data integrity and supporting regulatory compliance efforts. The (bi-directional) integration with balances, LIMS, SDMS, CDS and other systems allows for automated error-free transfer of results and data. The BIOVIA Workbook provides leading analysis and reporting capabilities that advance the role of the ELN for operational, experiment and sample insight.

The BIOVIA Workbook utilizes BIOVIA Lab Services, which provide a scientifically-aware and flexible, configurable service-oriented architecture for data management, analysis and integration with third-party applications, databases and existing infrastructures. It provides access to over 3000 scientific components across a diversity of scientific disciplines delivering advanced productivity for virtually any scientific discipline for a lower cost of ownership.

Benefits of BIOVIA Workbook:

  • Improve efficiency by automating and accelerating data entry, processing and reporting
  • Minimize data errors
  • Protect intellectual property (IP)
  • Gain operational and experimental insight through improved knowledge management
  • Integrate and automate instrument data capture and processing
  • Streamline regulatory compliance
  • Implement consistent processes across organizations
  • Improve collaboration across multiple scientific disciplines—from research to final product

The ELN has helped organizations to:

  • "Aggregate data, experience, and context to fuel insights and gain predictive control over key processes"
    - Pfizer
  • "Facilitate collaboration between medicinal, analytical, and process chemists and with outsourced partners"
    - Elan
  • "Eliminate paper-based workflows in validated environments and save 50% on documentation time"
    - AstraZeneca
  • "Shave 25% off time spent documenting experiments. Save thousands of dollars per year"
    - Kalexsyn
  • "Leverage prior work by cloning 50% of experiments. Improve IP quality and utility"
    - Millenium
  • "Implement "green chemistry" processes to reduce waste"
    - Eli Lilly

BIOVIA Workbook is uniquely configurable to be used by organizations of all sizes and across multiple scientific disciplines like:


*BIOVIA Workbook was previously called Symyx Notebook.

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