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BIOVIA Experiment

BIOVIA Experiment (former Accelrys Experiment Knowledge Base) is a first-in-class research and development-focused laboratory informatics system that enables R&D organizations to more efficiently analyze, manage and mine knowledge from their scientific experiments and data. With a modern architecture and design, BIOVIA Experiment represents a new approach to lab informatics in R&D that enables multiple users to view experiment data in ways specific to their needs, providing the “right tool” for the “right task.” The BIOVIA Experiment overcomes the failures of poorly architected legacy R&D informatics systems that have lacked the flexibility required to keep pace with today's fast-changing business environments. Previously offered as a services-based solution, BIOVIA Experiment is now a commercial product that has proven to reduce research costs and accelerate product development in chemicals, bioprocessing, catalysis, food & beverages, formulations, and other applications.

BIOVIA Experiment –
Transforming Scientific Data Into Knowledge

Most of the legacy R&D informatics systems in place today, notably traditional LIMS systems, are both outdated and failing to meet the evolving needs of companies who rely on scientific innovation to compete. They are failing to support the need to leverage scientific data to inform business decisions; failing to increase the efficiency of experimentation in R&D; and failing to improve the pace and consistency of innovation delivered by R&D. These failures result from the fact that these systems are poorly architected for today’s needs, are inflexible, and often try to do too much (to be “all things to all people”).

BIOVIA Experiemnt supports the modern scientific enterprise by providing six key capabilities, in a modular architecture, designed to move innovative new products to market faster and more efficiently:

  • Experiment and campaign planning & design
  • R&D workflow management
  • Tracking of Samples, Resources, and Procedures
  • Analysis and Visualization of experimental results
  • Scientific data mining & knowledge extraction
  • Integration with existing equipment and systems

Designed specifically for research and development, BIOVIA Experiment offers scientists for the first time the ability to search and mine experimentation data from almost any source, integration and interoperability with existing lab equipment and applications, and features for improving experimentation management and collaboration. And BIOVIA Experiment is integrated with BIOVIA Lab Services, so there is no need to “rip and replace” legacy systems, which can instead be integrated and re-leveraged by BIOVIA Experiment, helping increase the value of existing laboratory systems and infrastructure.

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