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A better way to manage sampling plans for microbiological environmental monitoring

BIOVIA EM is an enterprise web software application for the centralized and paperless management of sampling plans for microbiological environmental monitoring. The application was developed in collaboration with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world that were seeking an efficient solution to the paperwork-intensive processes traditionally used in aseptic environments.

Using BIOVIA EM, QC Microbiology groups manage all aspects of a paperless microbiological environmental monitoring program including:

  • Sampling plan creation
  • Sampling plan scheduling
  • Sample collection and reconciliation
  • Sample processing and identification
  • Reporting and trending

BIOVIA EM can be used as a standalone application or it can be integrated with existing ELN or LES systems to improve documentation efficiency, ensure compliant procedure documentation and reduce manual transcription errors. It is designed to be used on mobile devices like tablets and small laptops.

It provides an easy overview of sample plans per day and month being able to filter by location, date, and status. It provides quick access to information and menu items and allows for in-line editing and updating.

BIOVIA EM provides an out-of-the-box environment that can be readily configured to meet specific needs without the extensive and expensive modifications traditionally seen with Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) modules.

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