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BIOVIA Inventory

Efficiently manage materials, supplies and reagents for GxP operations

BIOVIA Inventory provides a web-based environment for managing materials, equipment, supplies and reagents within Good Practice (GxP) laboratories and their operations. BIOVIA Inventory enables organizations to adopt and deploy a centralized electronic inventory management system for all GxP operations with a low cost of ownership and lower infrastructure requirements.

The application can be deployed as a standalone, out-of-the-box inventory management capability for use with existing electronic lab notebook (ELN) or lab execution systems (LES).

BIOVIA Inventory provides full audit trails and comprehensive, dynamic and static management reports, enabling organizations to meet all technical requirements for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Features and Benefits of BIOVIA Inventory

  • Verify in-stock material, equipment, supplies and reagents before starting sample preparation
  • Minimize inventory and unnecessary spoilage
  • Prevent the opening or preparation of new consumables when existing supply is available
  • Monitor controlled or radio-labeled substances
  • Prevent the use of expired consumables
  • Easily access consumables information
  • Boost lab productivity while minimizing errors

Integrating Accelrys Inventory Management with the BIOVIA Workbook, BIOVIA LES (Lab Execution System) or BIOVIA EBR (Electronic Batch Records) enables operators to quickly check stock and efficiently import inventory information without transcription errors or loss of critical information.

BIOVIA Inventory provides an out-of-the-box environment that can be readily configured to meet specific needs without the extensive and expensive modifications traditionally seen with Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) modules.

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