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BIOVIA Request

Track work request progress and harmonize business processes across work groups for improved operational efficiency.

BIOVIA Request is a flexible Web application that manages the laboratory work order process from start to finish. The application streamlines laboratory processes, eliminates workflow bottlenecks, reduces cycle times and improves project communication by routing tasks, samples and results to colleagues directly in an electronic lab environment.

With BIOVIA Request, scientists and collaborators can electronically manage the submission, routing, receiving, tracking and reporting of results originating from lab work requests and test orders. Flexible activity templates enable organizations to configure and manage activities that map to critical lab workflows including analytical tests, mechanical tests, chemical synthesis processes, biological testing and processes, formulations and more. Business rules such as approvals, email notifications and routing can all be defined in accordance with organizational needs.

Key organizational benefits include:

  • Formally agreed-upon definition of work
  • Direct collaboration between requestor and executor of the work
  • Support for tracking, generating and labeling samples
  • Ability to manage projects across the organization or with CRO/CMO partners
  • Direct links to the results recorded in the BIOVIA Workbook or LES
  • Inbox notifications that link directly to activity requests
  • Visibility into laboratory resource utilization and bottlenecks

BIOVIA Request can be used as a standalone application or it can be integrated with existing ELN or LES systems to improve documentation efficiency, ensure compliant procedure documentation and reduce manual transcription errors.

BIOVIA Request provides an out-of-the-box environment that can be readily configured to meet specific needs without the extensive and expensive modifications traditionally seen with Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) modules.

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