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ZDOCKpro Protein-Protein Docking Information Package

Learn about the importance of protein-protein interactions in the development and treatment of disease. This information package introduces you to the ZDOCKpro protein-protein docking program through a sample workflow on how to predict the conformation of a protein-protein complex using two protein structures, two application notes (one discusses using ZDOCKpro to study the G-protein regulating system and the other discusses the use of homology models in ZDOCKpro docking), and a reference section that lists publications on the development, assessment, and use of ZDOCK and RDOCK, the two main sub-programs within ZDOCKpro.
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Preformulation and Formulation Applications Guide

Competitiveness in drug development means innovative drug products, reduced time to market, and a sustainable product portfolio. Find out how computational methods are helping support these efforts with your free Applications Guide. The Guide describes, with real industry research examples, how computational methods are deployed in leading pharmaceutical companies and research institutes, including AstraZeneca, Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Transform Pharmaceutical, and Taiho Pharmaceutical.
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