CNX 2002 Update

Patch level 1 provides updates to address the following issues related to the CNX 2002 release:

  • Avoid program failure when running on multiple processors
  • Correct atom names used in adp refinement for some residues
  • Fix input of reflection data in adp refinement
  • Allow for alternative names for water residues (TIP, TIP2 and WAT) in adp refinement

CNX 2002 patch level 1 contains the following files:

  • irix6m3/cnx.exe
  • irix6m4/cnx.exe
  • ibm/cnx.exe
  • Linux_2_Intel_32/cnx.exe
  • inputs/auxiliary/ADPsimilar.def
  • inputs/xtal_refine/adp.inp
  • inputs/xtal_refine/model_map.inp
  • doc/html/tutorial/refinement_adp.inp
  • lp_setup
  • msi_lp_5.1.tar

Note: We recommend making a backup of the previous version before you install the patch.

Installing the CNX 2002 Update

To install this patch:

  • Download the patch file cnx002_p1.tar.gz (33.4 MB)
  • Uncompress the downloaded file > gunzip cnx2002_p1.tar.gz
  • Log in as the same user that owns the installation > su cnxowner
  • Change directory to the root of the installation > cd /usr/cnx2002-installdir
  • Extract and install the patch files > tar xvof /[cnx2002_pl1 location]/ [platform name].tar (for example: > tar xvof irix6m4.tar)
  • Change directory to the root of the License Pack installation > cd /usr/accelrys-licensepack-directory
  • Set the License Pack environment > source msi_lic.cshrc
  • Run lp_setup from the [cnx2002_pl1-location] > lp_setup
  • Test the CNX installation by running a cnx script

You must have write permission in the License Pack install directory in order to update your License Pack installation. Refer to the Accelrys License Pack Guide for complete License Pack installation instructions.