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White Paper: Aegis Analytical (Now Accelrys) Delivers Process Intelligence from Disparate Data Sources

Aegis Analytical (now Accelrys) provides an integrated manufacturing data management platform and advanced analytics that, together, enable companies in validated industries to improve operational efficiency, accelerate time-to-market, comply with regulatory requirements, and achieve lean supply chain. The company delivers manufacturing process intelligence by aggregating data, contextualizing the data through a data model, and providing appropriate analytics.

In ARC's view, the company’s data integration approach is both a key strength and a unique differentiator. The approach leverages a company's existing manufacturing and IT systems through its ability to aggregate, on-demand, different data types from disparate sources and create end-to-end manufacturing context, insight, and intelligence. The company's knowledge and understanding of the regulated industries and its ability to provide a complete process intelligence solution in a single validated environment is another key strength.

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