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How Effective Is Your Innovation Lifecycle?
A Maturity Model and Roadmap for Consistent, Repeatable Scientific Innovation

According to IDC Manufacturing Insights, across industries, currently only a quarter of R&D projects reach the market. Of those, two thirds fail to meet customer expectations. And almost half the resources R&D companies allocate to product commercialization are wasted because of manual and disconnected processes that create bottlenecks, slow time-to-market and damage profitability.

Part of the problem is that most organizations have no clear roadmap for ensuring that their R&D investments consistently lead to successful new products. Scientific innovation is often viewed as something ephemeral, like lightning, rather than as an end-to-end process that can be streamlined, optimized and continuously improved upon. But in a world where being first-to-market is increasingly one of the most important drivers of competitive advantage, businesses simply don’t have the luxury of waiting for innovation to “strike.”

Discover the secrets of consistently innovative companies, and how to assess the alignment of people, processes, tools, and data in your organization to achieve a sustainable innovation process.

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