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DIVA Training

Overview - DIVA Training

This training covers the easy-to-use, desktop tools for data integration, visualization, analysis, and reporting that are provided in DIVA.

Audience - DIVA Training

This training is approprate for chemists, biologists, and managers in life science discovery.

On completion of the workshop the user will have covered:

  • Importing chemical structures and biological data onto the DIVA worksheet
  • Coloring data by value to spot trends
  • Plotting graphs and select points on graph to subset the data on the worksheet
  • Using data pivoting to reorganize worksheets
  • Performing substructure searches and R-Group Analysis
  • Performing Correlation Analysis
  • Using DIVA to interface with Accord Enterprise (if installed) and generate queries and reports

Sample Agenda

  • Introduction to DIVA
    • Importing, Merging, Reporting
  • Break
  • Colouring and Plotting Data
  • Lunch
  • Pivoting
    • Calculations
    • Substructure Search
    • R-Group Analysis and Histograms
  • Break
  • FIRM Analysis
    • Interface with Accord Enterprise Database
    • Queries
    • Creating Reports from Queries

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