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Discovery Studio Pipeline Pilot
Integration Training

This course will provide a very basic overview of working with Pipeline Pilot components and introduces examples for different levels of DS protocol customization such as:

  • Customize (i.e. promote or de-promote) parameters of existing DS protocols/components
  • Add or remove available components from existing DS protocols/components
  • Create a new component and add to an existing DS protocol
  • Increase automation of DS Protocols (e.g. automate DS protocol to run over all files in a specific folder)
  • Easily connect to an external relational database
  • Integrate third-party algorithms (e.g., CORINA, proprietary codes for descriptor calculations, etc.)

Duration: 3 hours on-line, 1 day on-site

Email the Accelrys Training team to arrange on-line or on-site training for this course

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