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Life Science Training

A wide range of Life Science training courses are available.

On-line training is offered in 3-hour blocks, while on-site sessions are offered in 1-day blocks. Typical time allotments are noted below. Your trainer can adapt your choice of material to fit the allotted time.

If you do not see the options you are interested in, or if you want training on a specific research field, a customized training course can be developed.

Email the Accelrys Training team to arrange an on-line or on-site workshop or to learn more about our customized training programs.


Topic On-Line Training On-site Workshop
Introduction to Discovery Studio 3 hours 1 day
Discovery Studio Pipeline Pilot Integration 3 hours 1 day
Scripting 3 hours 1 day

Protein Based Modeling

Protein Homology Modeling 3 hours 1 day
Antibody Modeling 3 hours 1 day
Protein-Protein Docking 3 hours 1 day
Simulations 2 x 3 hours 2 days
QM/MM 3 hours 1 day

Ligand Based Design

Pharmacophore Modeling in Discovery Studio 2.5 hours 0.75 day
Common Feature Pharmacophore Generation 2 hours 0.5 day
3D QSAR Pharmacophore Generation 2 hours 0.5 day
Receptor-Based Pharmacophores 2 hours 0.5 day
Fragment Based Drug Design in Discovery Studio 3 hours 1 day
QSAR 3 hours 1 day
Library Design and Analysis 3 hours 1 day
Structure-Based Design - Docking 3 hours 1 day

Additional training for customised or infrequent/uncommon Discovery Studio topics is also available upon request and will be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Email the Accelrys Training team to arrange on-line or on-site training.

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