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Introduction to Materials Studio Training

Overview: Introduction to Materials Studio Training

This workshop provides an introduction to the tools and functionality available in materials Visualizer, the core module in the Materials Studio suite of software. It is available both on-site and on-line:

  • On-line: 3 hours
  • On-site: 1 days

On completion of the workshop the user will have covered:

  • Managing projects using the Project Explorer.
  • Sketching simple molecules.
  • Sketching complex molecules such organometallics using the fragment sketcher.
  • Defining fragments and repeat units to build polymers.
  • Analyzing and adjusting geometrical properties such as torsions, angles and distances.
  • Using the symmetry tools for molecular and periodic systems.
  • Working with the different display style options.
  • Integration with publishing software.
  • Building crystals and surfaces.
  • Building layered structures and crystal interfaces.
  • Working with volumetric data - isosurfaces and slices.

Sample Agenda

On-line Course

  • Introduction to Materials Modeling (lecture)
  • Demo Presentation of the software / basic sketching
  • Case Studies (lecture)
  • Demo Advanced tools / Running a job
  • Using the client-server architecture (lecture)

On-site: Hands-on exercises to be done by the attendee after the workshop.

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