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Pipeline Pilot Training

Currently offered Pipeline Pilot classroom courses are listed in the table below. Unless otherwise noted, all courses are available as on-site workshops held either at your office or at the BIOVIA office nearest you.

We also offer eLearning courses on many of the same topics as our classroom courses. Two free modules are available for you to try below. Contact us or your account manager to purchase classroom or eLearning courses.

eLearning Module: Anatomy of a Component Collection

This module will identify the basic parts of a component, review working with components in a pipeline, and identify the basic types of components and their functions.

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eLearning Module: Joining Data in a Pipeline

Joining data is a way to add properties to records on the data stream. Properties are added to data records from a reference cache or a file based on a key, one or more properties..

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Course Length
Fundamentals of Pipeline Pilot full-day
Administration of Pipeline Pilot half-day
Advanced Data Modeling half-day
Advanced PilotScript half-day
Cheminformatics full-day
ChemMining half-day
Data Modeling half-day
GeneExpression half-day
Imaging half-day
Interactive Reports (Forms) full-day
Integration half-day
Molecular Toolkit half-day
Plate Data Analytics half-day
Reporting half-day
R Statistics half-day
Sequence Analysis half-day
Text Analytics full-day
Web Port - SharePoint half-day

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