Laboratory Informatics

Optimizing operations, maximizing quality and driving innovation with a standardized solution based on one foundation providing unique role-based user experiences for the lab

Laboratory Operations

Execute, record and document laboratory processes, experiments and tests

Scientists need to efficiently execute and compliantly document all aspects of their laboratory work. They also need to securely store data related and share them for reviews, audits, collaboration and tech transfer.

Lab Analysts in the lab prepare and perform studies and tests, they utilize different resources like equipment and materials and they need to (compliantly) document all aspects of their work . The results and data need to be shared for review and approval, audits, for collaboration purposes with peers or with other departments, and for process and product optimization.

The work in the lab can be complex and include many non-value added steps when not supported by an integrated system. Supporting the process electronically significantly increases laboratory efficiency, data quality and integrity, and compliance and it enhances collaboration and insight.

Areas include:

  • Method execution and documentation
  • Data acquisition from instruments and calibration checks
  • Calculations and data processing
  • Lab data management and exchange

BIOVIA’s strong value-added Laboratory Informatics capabilities enable organizations to reduce complexity, control costs and minimize deployment risk while at the same time reducing long-term cost of ownership.

Reported customer benefits:

  • 30% reduction in errors and reworks
  • 35% reduction in review times
  • 40% reduction in audit and report time
  • 90% reduction in regulatory reporting (APR) cycle times
  • 10x reduction in batch deviation risk
  • 50% decrease in cycle times
  • 25% improvement in productivity
  • 25% improvement in accuracy
  • 25% improvement in quality
  • 25% improvement in regulatory compliance

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