Laboratory Informatics

Optimizing operations, maximizing quality and driving innovation with a standardized solution based on one foundation providing unique role-based user experiences for the lab

Laboratory Resource Management

Manage registration, inventory and lifecycle of chemicals, materials, people, instruments, and related processes

For efficient laboratory management and safety lab managers need to manage and track resources like chemicals, materials, equipment, and personnel that are required in the laboratory context and they need to manage all related processes.

Inventory managers need to manage all laboratory related resources. These are chemicals, materials, equipment and the personnel to execute tests. They also need to be able to track locations of chemicals and materials and monitor their disposal, usage and storage. Fit-for-use equipment needs to be scheduled as well as the personnel performing the tests. The related processes need to be managed.

Adequate resource management will ensure reduced inventory costs and compliance risks, and minimized safety risks. It will optimize the usage of assets and laboratory productivity.

Areas include:

  • Overview of lab inventory location and status
  • Equipment and metrology management
  • Scheduling of all materials, equipment and personnel
  • Demand planning
  • Predict turnaround time

BIOVIA’s strong value-added Laboratory Informatics capabilities enable organizations to reduce complexity, control costs and minimize deployment risk while at the same time reducing long-term cost of ownership.

Reported customer benefits:

  • 30% reduction in errors and reworks
  • 35% reduction in review times
  • 40% reduction in audit and report time
  • 90% reduction in regulatory reporting (APR) cycle times
  • 10x reduction in batch deviation risk
  • 50% decrease in cycle times
  • 25% improvement in productivity
  • 25% improvement in accuracy
  • 25% improvement in quality
  • 25% improvement in regulatory compliance

Chemical Inventory Management

Chemical Inventory Management bridging the gap between the lab and Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) with Chemical tracking, management and reporting in compliance with regulations for GMP and non-GMP areas.


  • Support of customer-specific processes and workflows
  • Barcode labeling and remote inventory control
  • Integrated Safety Data Sheets (SDS) management
  • Comparison of chemicals and chemical inventory with hazard and regulatory criteria
  • Country-specific safety and compliance inspection planning, management and reporting

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