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BIOVIA Cheminformatics

Bringing Cheminformatics to the People

New technologies have made huge amounts of data accessible to researchers. However, the tools they use to process that data may be outdated: these legacy applications often require extensive coding knowledge, don’t talk with to each other, or lack the ability to parse more modern scientific data formats. As a result, computational scientists have to waste time generating bespoke models and workflows on a case by case basis, limiting their utility to the organization at large.

BIOVIA Cheminformatics democratizes the next generation of cheminformatics research. It is a user-friendly suite of tools to bring advanced analytics and data visualization to the people.


Go Beyond Charts

Don’t waste time staring at pages and pages of charts that are difficult to trace back to their source data. Bring your data to life with a variety of interactive, customizable data visualization tools. Drill down into unexpected results to uncover new trends and easily share results with colleagues, speeding the conversion of data to knowledge.

Explore Chemical Properties “On Demand”

Let your cheminformaticians maximize their value to the organization at large. Expert users can create and publicly share models instead of spending time on one-off projects with limited business value. Help standardize best practices and make deep cheminformatics capabilties accessible “On Demand” to your entire R&D team.

Take the Coding Out of Workflow Design

BIOVIA’s solution for scientific workflow design can help foster a culture of enterprise-wide, consistent data science. Its intuitive graphical user interface allows users of any skill level to design custom data workflows, predictive models, and validation tools from collections of curated apps. No coding required.

Support Your Science

Empower your team with a solution designed by scientists, for scientists. Database cartridges allow queries by chemical structure, in silico simulations can utilize crystallography data direct from the lab, and advanced modeling capabilities, including CHARMm and CANTERA, can drive understanding of products at the subatomic level and beyond.

Connect Your Existing IT Environment

BIOVIA Cheminformatics was designed to be flexible and minimize its impact on your existing IT infrastructure, building bridges between disconnected data silos. Developers can also extend the capabilities of our solutions to provide specific scientific calculations, new visualizations, and reports.

The BIOVIA Solution for Cheminformatics

BIOVIA Cheminformatics is a variety of applications which help you get the most out of your various types of chemistry-related data. For over 25 years, BIOVIA’s solutions have helped support a wide variety of domain-specific workflows to overcome your unique challenges.

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