Domain Specific Solutions

Explore flexible, powerful and relevant solutions and resources designed to solve challenges for Biologics Discovery, Development, Manufacturing, Chemical R&D, Formulations and Quality Testing.



Today’s challenges of science-based industries demand major transformations in order to generate sustainable growth as well as profit on a long term. This means an organization needs to minimize the risk of endangering its reputation in the market being the basis for a sustainable successful business. The expected profit can only be achieved by minimizing short time to market from ideation to commercialization. And growth will be accomplished by defending and extending existing markets against the competition as well as to gain new ones.

This requires focussed approaches to address the need to drive innovation, maximize quality, and optimize operations which includes efficiency as well as cost optimization. Targeted informatics solutions can support these goals by helping to leverage scientific, quality and process data and to make better decisions faster.

BIOVIA has recognized that for science-based industries these solutions need to be tailored to the specific scientific processes, having the expected business outcome in mind. The solution offers from BIOVIA comprise today:

  • The Biologics end-to-end process including Discovery, Development and Manufacturing to reduce time required for experiments by about 20%
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  • Quality Testing in the broader context of Total Quality for all quality oriented testing labs to reduce cycle times by up to 50%
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  • Development of Formulations in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry to reduce test result cycle times by 50%
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  • Development of new products in the Chemicals space to reduce project times by up to 50%
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