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ONE Biologics Development Lab Industry Process Experience

Single solution for creating and documenting method and recipe development workflows within Biologics

Managing and leveraging biologics data, especially in development, is challenging as experimentation generates a large amount and wide variety of complex data while scientists must track genealogies within this complex stream of data to arrive at an end entity. BIOVIA’s integrated ONE Biologics Development Lab Industry Process Experience satisfies these specific requirements, supporting customers in their efforts to efficiently and compliantly manage biologics data. It provides a fully integrated solution to support the entire development process, including the characterization of substances, the development of formulations, the scale-up of manufacturing, and all related testing. It functions as an integration hub, increasing efficiency and compliance for the entire biologics development information workflow from the development of recipes and methods to biologics registration.

ONE Biologics Development Lab ultimately helps scientists make better decisions more quickly, driving innovation and reducing cycle times to bring compliant biotherapeutics to market faster.

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Capabilities of the BIOVIA Biologics Development Solution Include:

  • Manages the large amount and complexity of biotherapeutics testing data
  • Fast and reliable authoring and documentation of experiments
  • “Cloning” all or part of an experiment, with or without related data and with configurable, out-of-the-box reporting templates with automated calculations
  • Integration with applications like inventory for consumables information and ERP for sample information and with laboratory instruments and data systems
  • Flexible and easy entry of experiment observations, unstructured as well as structured data
  • Templates for Biologics experiments
  • Capture of meta data and handling of structured as well as unstructured data
  • Unique data catalogue and organization, superior searching and browsing for data from different sources
  • Advanced spreadsheet capabilities specifically for analysis and processing of biology experimentation
  • Easy parameter adaptation for scale-up
  • Link between entities for genealogy tracking
  • Expansion of the solution beyond Development to Discovery, Research and Manufacturing
  • Quick overview of project progress and trends
  • Integration with third-party applications for comprehensive data analysis and decision making

Benefits of the BIOVIA Biologics Development Solution Include:

  • Eliminates manual data management and tedious data management policies and procedures
  • Eliminates inefficient paper-based workflows
  • Reduces efforts for creating experiments
  • Eliminates tedious data transcription
  • Eliminates transcription errors
  • Improves data quality and integrity and reliability of information
  • Drives consistent and comparable processes
  • Easier search and retrieval of data and information
  • Easier access of data from different sources for sharing and re-use for reporting and further analysis inside and outside of the Development organization
  • Easier and better understanding of Biologics data
  • Easier and better insight into processes
  • Better understanding of processes and products
  • Accelerates and improves tech transfer
  • Real time track progress of projects
  • Faster decision making through better insight and improved experiment design

Overall, BIOVIA’s ONE Biologics Development Lab Industry Process Experience enhances productivity, efficiency and collaboration while reducing compliance risk. It helps scientists make better decisions more quickly, driving innovation and reducing cycle times to bring compliant products to market faster.

The BIOVIA ONE Biologics Development Lab solution can be extended upstream to biologics discovery and research, capturing biologics information and supporting target identification and validation, assay development, screening, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK), toxicology, and bio-analytical experimentation.

The solution can also be extended downstream into manufacturing to control variability in the bioproduction process as well as the high level of precision that is required to produce a consistent biologic product each time by access, aggregation, contextualization, analysis and reporting of biologics process and quality data.


Management of Biologics Information throughout the Product Development Life Cycle
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