Providing end-to-end product commercialization solutions for science-based industries



Today’s business is rapidly changing – new markets are opening, innovative technologies are constantly being released, and the globe is becoming increasingly connected. New competitors are disrupting every part of traditional business workflows and value chains. Organizations across industries are exposed to never-before-seen opportunities and challenges for leading companies in the science-based industries. Ensuring long term success and growth requires a transformational business approach uniting individual technologies and technology efforts around a common vision that covers the end-to-end product lifecycle.

BIOVIA provides the solutions that support the full product lifecycle from Ideation to commercialization through an updated, integrated infrastructure to effectively compete as a unified business in connected markets. BIOVIA solutions are dedicated to the specific focus and needs of the different science-based industries. These solutions, designed by scientists for scientists, currently focus on the following industries:

  • Life Sciences Accelerate Innovation and Drive Quality with Integrated Compliant Solutions
  • Consumer Packaged Goods Transform Innovation Faster with Agile Operations
  • Chemicals and Polymers Sustainability and innovation through flexible knowledge management
  • Oil & Gas Improved operations through collaborative innovation

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