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Chemicals Industry

Sustainability and innovation through flexible knowledge management

The modern chemicals industry has gone global. Operating at this scale has exposed many organizations to a new collection of challenges: complex regulatory environments, strong local competitors, and increased calls for sustainability. As a result, industry leaders are adopting more agile processes to cut costs and create more targeted offerings to capitalize on this diverse global demand. BIOVIA solutions support product commercialization by streamlining workflows and unifying global research networks to innovate sustainable products faster. Develop more innovative offerings faster while maximizing operational and environmental sustainability.

The Innovation Imperative

According to PwC, over half of chemicals executives believe innovation is a competitive necessity now. With 40% of 2020’s revenue coming from products being developed today, new innovations can transform a company’s prospects. Teams can unlock their innovative potential by connecting their existing knowledge resources to their diverse networks of scientists and partners within a single collaborative environment. BIOVIA allows teams to collaborate anywhere at any time, matching fresh ideas with historical data to help uncover impactful innovations faster.

  • 50% discounts offered by local providers over multinational producers
  • Over 50% of engineers will reach retirement age in the next 5 years
  • 91% executives are limiting their environmental footprint

Chemical companies require more operational agility to adapt to new environmentally friendly approaches while controlling costs, complying with regulations, and delivering new products faster. However, long development cycles and inefficient R&D processes are slowing innovation. BIOVIA’s integrated software solutions connect global organizations through a single electronic R&D environment. Teams can replace outdated paper processes, streamline tasks, leverage data across teams and allow scientists to focus on science.

  • 8.5 years to bring a new product to market with traditional methods
  • Up to 60% margins on new products in new markets
  • 36% higher operating margin enabled with software solutions

BIOVIA Industry Capabilities

BIOVIA solutions for Chemicals allows organizations to innovate faster, reducing long product development cycles, meeting market demands, and complying to regulations.

  • Research Informatics – understand the molecular interactions with predictive analytics, modeling and simulation, cloud-based workspaces, and automated data workflows.
  • Laboratory Informatics – connect a global laboratory network within a single work environment, streamlining operations, standardizing protocols, and improving data capture.
  • Process Production Operations – derive more powerful insights from manufacturing data through powerful analysis and data contextualization tools.
  • Quality and Regulatory Management – eliminate compliance risk by managing all QA/QC and regulatory documents, data, and reporting within a single electronic workspace.

The Value BIOVIA Offers

  • Over 40% reduction in physical experiments
  • 60% reduction in time spent searching for data
  • Over 25% reduction in product development costs
  • Up to 25% improved innovation productivity
  • Up to 50% project time reduction

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