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Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

Transform Innovation Faster with Agile Operations

Traditionally, the key to success in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) has always been “be first to market.” Today CPG leaders must be attentive to shifting consumer desires and focus on innovation, agility, and personalization through a platform that allows for accelerated time to market. BIOVIA solutions help CPG companies adopt the operational excellence and flexibility needed to adapt to today’s dynamic global consumer landscape. Deliver innovative products that hit the mark every time while reaching the market faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Pivoting to Win

Agile pivoting to respond to market pressures has emerged as the new innovation in CPG. As customer expectations grow, simply extending current product lines will no longer be enough. BIOVIA’s comprehensive suite of software tools provide the agility for teams to more quickly pivot to shifting consumer preferences and deliver the “next big thing.”

  • 40% of new products fail to meet projected revenues
  • 8% of new projects stick to their target release schedules
  • 45% of the resources allocated to R&D are wasted

Today many organizations are weighed down with traditional processes, especially paper-based workflows or legacy software tools. Such outdated approaches cannot keep up with today’s ever accelerating innovation cycle. BIOVIA connects these disparate processes into a unified work environment and creates a common experience for each part of the value chain.

  • Less than 1% of recent product releases have grossed over $10M within two years
  • Over 60% of R&D budgets are spent on line extensions
  • 45% of the resources allocated to product R&D are wasted

The amount of data organizations currently generate can be transformed from excess capacity to a key innovation asset. BIOVIA can help teams to effortlessly leverage this existing data to segment and target the products with the greatest potential impact.

It is time to adopt a new, data-enabled paradigm for CPG product commercialization.

BIOVIA Industry Capabilities

BIOVIA has developed dedicated solutions to support the innovation process of the CPG industry from early discovery research to development and manufacturing.

  • Research Informatics – combine powerful data manipulation and modeling and simulation with externalized cloud workspaces and automated workflows to uncover the next big thing faster.
  • Laboratory Informatics – standardize and manage laboratory operations to improve efficiency while maximizing quality and driving innovation.
  • Process Production Operations – integrate process development, manufacturing, and quality environments to drive effective process design, performance and improvement.
  • Quality and Regulatory Management – manage all quality and regulatory documentation in a single, secure environment.

The Value BIOVIA Offers

  • Up to 85% of experimental data is reused
  • 50% faster qualification of breakthrough innovations
  • Halved cycle times
  • 30% reduction in raw materials used

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