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Accelerate Innovation and Drive Quality with Integrated Compliant Solutions

The life science industry has changed significantly over the past ten years. With a view to developing new, more effective treatments, industry leaders are exploring new therapeutic areas and approaches like biologics and precision medicine. Generics and biosimilars offer new therapeutic options with the potential for cost savings. Leaders are moving beyond the traditional "one drug fits all" strategy to provide personalized value to patients. New agile processes, transformative business models and digital technology are essential for sustainable growth and operational excellence.

The Drive toward Operational Excellence

In the face of mounting price pressures, shrinking margins, increasing externalization and continuously evolving quality/regulatory requirements, agile operational excellence is the key to unlocking game-changing therapeutic innovations.

  • 50% of multinational companies have established improvement initiatives
  • 60% of R&D spend goes to external partners
  • 92% of CEOs plan to use technology to assess and deliver on stakeholder expectations

Disconnected data silos and paper-based laboratory processes keep scientists from doing science. Streamlining and automating these processes in a data-driven culture allows for stronger, evidence-based decisions about high-quality candidates earlier in the R&D pipeline.

  • Over 50% of executives believe analyzing data takes too long
  • 40% of all R&D experiments are needlessly repeated
  • 30% of sales revenue is lost due to poor process efficiency and product quality

BIOVIA Industry Capabilities

BIOVIA has developed a comprehensive suite of tools to assist life science organizations in achieving their long-term goals. BIOVIA software supports the entire commercialization workflow from early discovery to commercialization across:

  • Research Informatics – Identify, optimize, and fast-track higher quality therapeutic candidates faster with predictive analytics, modeling and simulation, cloud-based workspaces and automated data workflows.
  • Laboratory Informatics – Connect global laboratory networks within a single work environment, streamlining operations, standardizing protocols and improving data capture.
  • Process Production Operations – Derive more impactful insights from manufacturing and quality data through powerful analysis and contextualization tools.
  • Quality and Regulatory Management – Eliminate compliance risk by managing QA/QC and regulatory documents, data, processes and reporting within a single electronic workspace.

The Value BIOVIA Offers

  • 50% gains in efficiency and throughput with integrated solutions
  • Over 75% reduction in time to find information
  • 80% increase in right-first-time submissions
  • 85% improvement in regulatory compliance and data traceability
  • 36% higher operating margin

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