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Oil & Gas Industry

Improved Operations through Collaborative Innovation

The volatility that has shaken the oil and gas industry is driving organizations to become more streamlined and agile to remain competitive. Industry leading teams are learning to effectively pivot among today’s shifting market pressures and regulatory environment to attain sustainable operational efficiency. BIOVIA provides a comprehensive software framework to unlock transformative innovation from upstream to downstream faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The Need for Sustainable Innovation

A recent survey carried out by PwC showed over half of the executives in the oil and gas industry believes new innovations are vital to the life of their organization within the coming five years. Many leading teams are exploring ways to collaborate and leverage their data to discover new insights. BIOVIA can connect global research environments within a unified electronic environment, allowing global teams to efficiently collaborate.

  • Over 80% of experimental data is never reused
  • Over 1/3 refiners are investing in software tools to improve efficiency and collaboration
  • 94% of oil and gas executives plan to collaborate with strategic partners within the next 3 years

Disconnected software solutions and paper-based processes negatively have impacted the speed of innovation and operational efficiency. This lack in agility has exposed many companies to increasing pressure to adopt more sustainable practices. BIOVIA solutions empower teams with cutting-edge modeling and simulation tools and integrated lab management software to innovate more efficiently and speed time to market.

  • 48% of oil and gas executives believe collaboration improves productivity
  • 65% capital projects both exceed budgets by over 25% and surpass timelines by 50%
  • 2 trillion barrels of oil equivalent in recoverable resources unlocked with today’s new tech

BIOVIA’s integrated solution of scientific data applications helps unlock the power of existing knowledge resources and drive teams to the sustainable innovation they need.

BIOVIA Industry Capabilities

BIOVIA has designed a comprehensive end-to-end solution for the oil and gas industry. It supports research, development, manufacturing, and quality management initiatives throughout the product lifecycle:

  • Research Informatics – understand the molecular interactions that provide the foundation for new products with predictive analytics, modeling and simulation, cloud-based workspaces, and automated data workflows.
  • Laboratory Informatics – connect global laboratory networks within a single work environment, streamlining operations, standardizing protocols, and improving data capture.
  • Process Production Operations – derive more impactful insights from manufacturing data through powerful analysis and data contextualization tools.
  • Quality and Regulatory Management – eliminate compliance risk by managing all quality and regulatory assets and reporting within a single electronic workspace.

The Value BIOVIA Offers

  • Up to 85% reuse of experimental data
  • 66% reduction in R&D process duration
  • Up to 20% improved innovation productivity through enhanced
  • 10x production improvement

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