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BIOVIA CISPro Helps Organizations Address Lab Safety & Compliance

The BIOVIA CISPro® chemical inventory system helps drive safe chemical handling, storage and management, thereby eliminating potential problems caused by chemical safety deficiencies.

Any time chemicals are in use safety is an issue. Safety compliance is almost always associated with regulatory compliance. BIOVIA CISPro helps drive regulatory compliance and risk mitigation strategies by bridging the gap between the lab and Environmental Health & Safety (EHS). It enables accurate chemical tracking, management and reporting in compliance with a variety of local, state, federal and international regulations.

Available in both on-premises and cloud-based solutions, the BIOVIA CISPro system makes current, real-time chemical safety and inventory data available on-demand through:

  • Support of customer-specific processes and workflows
  • Complete digitization through barcode labeling and remote inventory control
  • Integrated Safety Data Sheets (SDS) management
  • Comparison of chemicals and chemical inventory with defined hazard and regulatory criteria
  • On-demand communication and reporting of hazard and regulatory compliance, and
  • Country-specific safety and compliance inspection planning, management and reporting

Why BIOVIA CISPro Chemical Inventory Management?

Optimized Container Tracking

  • Track history of container movement
  • Searchable by product name, chemical name, CAS#, location, owner, expiration date, barcode, lot number, product number

Enhanced Security and Control

  • Container security by location or project
  • Manage chemical receipt and disposal according to regulations

Ease of Use

  • Easy to Set Up and Propagate
  • Consolidated SDS management
  • Safety data configured and managed by country or region

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